EAQ® Approved Centres are based throughout the UK and offer a range of equine assisted learning and education using outdoor activities with horses and ponies in the natural environment. 

Each equine assisted learning centre offers something slightly different with some centres meeting the educational needs of children and young people while others specialise in equine facilitated therapy. The age of clients at EAQ Approved Centres currently ranges from 5 to 101!

Equine assisted learning is a fabulous way to engage people of all ages, to increase self esteem and self confidence, deliver areas of the curriculum, support those who have been unemployed for a long time or give elderly people a chance to remember and reconnect with their past. It’s not just horses and ponies that make the centres a fun place to be. Many have other animals including dogs, cats, lambs, chickens and ducks. There are natural wildlife ponds to explore, dens to build, woodland walks, outdoor cooking, orchards, vegetable and fruit gardens. Some centres even take their horses and ponies off-site to run animal assisted therapy sessions in schools, care homes and residential homes for the elderly.

EAQ Approved Centres operate under licence, delivering EAQ horsemanship programmes as well as bespoke, experiential equine assisted learning and national qualifications through EAQ's accreditation with national awarding organisations including OCN London (OCNL) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Every approved centre has met EAQ's stringent quality standards including horse welfare and handling, learning environment and health and safety. 

There is more information about EAQ Approved Centres at www.eaqapproved.com or click on any of the links below to view information about the different centres.